Digital Rain LLC provides quality installation and repairs of irrigation and drainage systems. All work is performed by irrigators and technicians licensed in the state of Texas. 

Digital Rain offers full installation of a new system with a one year warranty per contract. Digital Rain offers repairs on existing systems with a 90 day warranty, and offers the latest technology of Drip Irrigation and point source watering. 

It usually takes about two days to install a brand new irrigation system. Digital Rain limits the amount of ground that is going to be upturned to prevent loss of plant life during the installation process. They hand dig sensitive areas around gardens, flower beds, and new trees to prevent loss and stress of plant life. Digital Rain installs new systems with rain and freeze sensors and a SmartLine Weathermatic Controller. Digital Rain Irrigation Systems are specifically designed to fit your unique property and to give your plant life the exact amount of water that it needs, without over watering. 

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Sprinklers & Irrigation Systmes


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