Drip Irrigation

Advantages of Drip Irrigation 

  • Decreased water loss and increased savings

  • Improved environmental quality

  • Exceptionally versatile

  • Water any day at any time with no precipitation loss

  • Point Source: takes the water to the plants' roots

  • Eliminates surface weeds and water-borne pests (mosquitos)

What is Drip?

Unlike sprinkler systems, Drip Irrigation Systems send water directly to then roots of plants eliminating water loss from evaporation and wind. Drip irrigation is a small tube of flexible pipe that is installed under the soil of the plant life. This method allows the water to go directly to the roots minimizing evaporation and water runoff. Drip Irrigation is exactly what it sounds like; there is a slow release of water that drips down into the roots of the plants. 

Water conservation is becoming more important than ever, and with Texas summers in a continuous drought and water restrictions implemented, efficiently water your yard is vitally important. The best way to make this happen is with Drip Irrigation. 

Point Source Drip



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